Candid Videography Candid Films

Whether it’s pure, unadulterated euphoria or tears of joy, a genuine wedding photographer can capture these emotions in a way that no one else can. Regular and unconstrained in character, authentic candid photography is now a mainstream mode of photography for all the lovely surprises it can show when viewing your wedding photographs and Videos.

For your big day, hire the best candid wedding photographer in India. Candid Stories Photography is comprised of a highly talented and experienced team. Our wedding films and photographs have gone viral on social media, setting the standard for weddings all over the world and making us pioneers among Chennai OMR wedding candid video and photographers. We have performed numerous weddings in OMR and across Chennai’s most popular objections. We are the best candid wedding photographers and videographers in Chennai OMR; with over ten years of experience in the wedding industry, we are the most reliable choice for capturing your special day.

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