5 Tips for Stunning Candid Photography

Position yourself strategically

While candid photography is all about catching the emotion of a moment and obtaining the right image in that split second, you may boost your chances of success if you think ahead and predict what is going to happen.

Click when people doing something.

In candid photography, timing is crucial, so wait until your subject is wholly engaged in their task. This will provide a sense of realism to your photographs since your subject will be unaware and the spectator will be able to watch on unnoticed.

It’s worth noting that your subject doesn’t have to be doing anything particularly complicated or intricate – they may be dancing, conversing, playing a game, etc.

Photograph people interacting with one another.
Of course, the most candid setups will include some interaction between your subjects, since this will bring emotion to the photo – but you may still capture some great images without contact.
Change your viewpoint
Standing-height images can look great, and many spectacular shots are taken with the camera at eye level. Change your perspective if you want to mix things up and shoot some incredibly gorgeous candid photography.
Move posed shots into a candid zone.

Even if it may look strange, one of my favorite times to take candid photos is when other photographers take professional ones.

Why? Everyone’s attention is on the leading photographer during staged photographs, not on you. So, if a wedding photographer is shooting a sequence of preset images, you may be able to capture some fantastic candid moments simply by walking to the side and taking your own shots.

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